Sony Vegas edition

Sony Vegas is a video edition software like Adobe Premiere.

Vegas, using tracks allows to do different sequences of video and audio ordered by their zOrder. Using its transitions and effects the tracks can be easily joined. However the effects aren’t as good as in After Effects effects, there are enough for the most of not demanging in post-production projects.

Two days before I mmade a video to promote the new tech of our VFR. Quite simple. The project:

And the result:

Normally, the render of the video is done without compression, then it is done with any codec. I usually compress the videos with MeGUI to h264/MP4.

Obviously, nobody teach me how to use Vegas. But with motivation and Google you can do nice things.

Another video I’ve done was this:

It’s a parody between The ITCrowd and Virtualtwo.

More elaborate were the videos I’ve made of World of Warcraft. They were about arena games and they weren’t done only with Vegas. I used Photoshop, Combustion, 3dMax, After Effects, … The videos are hosted in WarcraftMovies. About a 1 / 4 million ov views.

Akio II

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