Holy Water – Apple Store & Google Play censorship

I fought against Apple Store and Google Play in order to publish Fap Fapp, but they both denied it from being published, so I’ve prepared the same application for non-dirty people, Holy Water.

Apple Store revoked Fap Fapp few times because they said it was simple and the UI was confusing:

Far from giving up, I upgraded the application for pass every revocation. Finally, the last revocation was from a reviewer saying that Fap Fapp showed explicit sex (no comments…). It was a final NO.

On the other hand, Google Play said from the begining that the applicacion showed explicit sex. Anyway, the application can be downloaded from the web fapfapp.com using the link on the top (‘android’).

I didn’t want to throw away the work done, and I tried one more time. The graphics and the theme were changed. Same application but focused in bless people and not in to marsturbate. It passed both stores without problems.

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